Rescue Diver Course
This course includes Rescue Diver and EFR, to help diver how has problem at surface or...

PADI Rescue Diver course and Emergency First Response (EFR)

In this course you can learn how to recongize and help diver in distress, go through knowledge development and exercises in confined water and open water, as well as final exam. 

Here is 3 days course schedule :
Day 1 : EFR course including knowledge develop and practice of CPR, AED and bandaging ; Rescue Diver knowledge development in afternoon.
Day 2 : 10 exercises in confined water
Day 3 : 2 exercises in open water, do final exam and sumbit an emergency plan

Course price :
NT$14,000 including Rescue Diver manual, EFR manual, diving tanks 

Pre-requested certification :
Advanced Open Water Diver. ( we suggest student to have 40 dives before do Rescue Diver course)


Deposit, Policy of Cancellation and Postponement

If you would dive with us, may need you to pay deposit for reservation, as we are busy in high season, please make your reservation as soon as possible. We don’t refund deposit if guest cancels appointment or no show. Guests should inform us 2 weeks before appointment day for postponement, the appointment can be postponed within 3 months.