Why CTdiver ?

Why CTdiver?

Because we care about you! All of divers are our friends !  Here you will feel at home.
We are delivering professional knowledge/skills and unforgettable experience to you.

Scuba Diving Course :
Just like the open water course, we usually spend four days doing exercises, spending more time than most diving centers, just to make you comfortable and confident diving. We don't just teach PADI's standard courses, we also share years of experience with you. We spend more time practicing neutral buoyancy. This technique is the most important skill in diving. Once you learn it, you can save extra weight and save your air consumption.

Fun Dive Trips :
Our gudies are good to find marine life, if you are interested on marco, there has many shrimps, crabs and nudibrance for you. 

We also have a lot of knowledge to share with you and look forward to see you!