Guidelines for staying at diving center

Check-in instructions during Covid-19
  1. When checking in, please scan QRcode or sign with your mobile phone first.
  2. Please keep a social distance of 1 meter outdoors and 1.5 meters indoors.
  3. The public area on the first floor is temporarily closed for dining. The guests with accommodation can eat in the room. After finishing food, please leave the trash in the trash can at the first floor. Please put the food waste directly into the trash can in the lobby. Please put the recycles in the recycle bin in the kitchen.
  4. Please bring your own water bottle, we do not provide cups.
  5. Coffee is not provided.
  6. Public toilets and bathrooms are temporarily closed.
  7. Four rooms are available for guests, and those who stay in the same room are relatives or acquaintances who are not infected with each other.
  8. The bathroom and toilet in the room can be disinfected before use. After someone uses it, wait 5 minutes before entering.
  9. Please bring your personal toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste.
  10. Please abide by the epidemic prevention rules, avoid illegal and reduce the risk of infection.