Covid-19 Guidelines for divers


Covid-19 Guidelines for divers

  1. If you have symptoms or feel sick, please do not dive. Please consult your physician.
  2. When arriving at the diving center, please scan QRcode or sign with your mobile phone. And use alcohol for disinfection.
  3. Divers please keep wearing medical masks at all times.
  4. Following social distance of 1 meter outdoors and 1.5 meters indoors.
  5. The diving center can accommodate up to 5 people in the lobby on the first floor, 3 people in the classroom, and 10 people outside.
  6. In order to maintain social distance, instructors will reduce contact and assistance with divers.
  7. Please disinfect and clean your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes and mouth with your hands.
  8. It is recommended to use your own equipment, especially mask, regulator, wetsuit and defog.
  9. The public shower rooms and toilets are temporarily closed, you can choose to stay in our accommodation or the hotels nearby. (use Google map to search)
  10. According to the policy, during diving, you must wear medical masks or use a regulator.

Guidelines during diving

  1. Please assemble your own equipment to avoid being infected, please do not touch other people’s equipment.
  2. When assembling the equipment, do not touch the valve opening of the cylinder, the inlet of the first stage and the inside of the dust cover. Please clean and disinfect your hands before assembling and disassembling the equipment.
  3. When checking alternate second stages, do not breathe with your mouth, you can press the purge button to test. Because it is for your diving buddy to use.
  4. When replacing an O-ring, please disinfect your hands first.
  5. Please use defog, not saliva, it is recommended not to share defog outside of your household.
  6. Before entering water, please wear a medical mask or use a regulator to breathe independent air sources.
  7. After diving, please keep using the regulator and diving mask to breathe until you can wear a medical mask.
  8. When removing the medical mask, please fold the outer layer outwards, put it in a small bag and place it in a dry box on the car or boat.
  9. Do not use your mouth to blow the BCD inflator.
  10. When you need to clean your nose or throat, please stay downwind and make sure that there are no other people in 2 meters. If you need to spit into the water, please make sure that no other people will pass through the area.
  11. While boat diving, follow social distance from other people to assemble the gear, and place the mask and snorkel in the bag to avoid contamination.
  12. Do not use the rinse barrels on the ship to clean the mask and equipment.
  13. Need to control the number of people on board.
  14. Maintain proper social distancing, conduct buddy checks by self-demonstration or hand signal confirmation, and avoid contact with your buddy.

Guidelines for cleaning equipment:

  1. Please keep wearing a medical mask and keep 1 meter away.
  2. While cleaning the equipment, please disinfect the mask, regulator, wetsuit and BCD, then raise them with fresh water.
  3. When disinfecting, you can soak the equipment in disinfectant water for 5-10 minutes, or wipe it with disinfectant water. Then rinse with fresh water and dry the equipment.
  4. Do not share rinse barrels for the above items.
  5. When drying equipment, please keep at least 1 meter from other people’s equipment and keep it separately from non disinfected equipment.
  6. When diving for more than 1 day and using rental equipment, please use the same set of equipment.

Other information:

  1. The public area inside is temporarily closed for dining.
  2. Only staff are allowed to enter the equipment room.
  3. Please follow the instructions to avoid breaking the law and reduce the risk of infection.
  4. Engaging in diving activities is still at risk of infection, please implement the most conservative way to protect yourself